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Automatically Backup My


Protect your documents the moment you save them!

With Viruses, Trojans, Worms and Spyware your computer and the documents and pictures on it are not always as safe as they should be.

Today you need faster protection than Anti-Virus scanners and traditional backup programs can provide.

Anti-Virus software generally doesn't catch the first pass of a new virus type. You have to make sure your subscription is up to date, your definition file is current and if you do get hit that they have a removal tool that might restore your documents.

Automatically Backup My Documents (ABMD) is a unique backup solution that can help you with your data archiving needs. Instead of having to stop work to backup your files or waiting for the scheduled backup

ABMD dynamically backups your files as they are saved! With our simple interface you can easily restore all of the files in a archive file or just the ones you need!

  • Dynamically monitors and backs up any changes to your My Documents folder.
  • Saves the backups in uniquely identified archive collections (NOT .ZIP FILES).
  • Stores the backups to local hard drives, network drives and shares, or USB 2.0 hard drives.
  • Simple point and click interface for restoring entire archives or just selected entries. You can even change the destination.
  • See all of the archives you've created and their entries with a simple mouse click.
  • Complete HTML reports with print preview and printing.

Not sure how ABMD can help you?
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